*** School closes for the Summer holidays on Friday 22nd July at 3.15pm. We look forward to welcoming our children and families back when we reopen for pupils on Monday 5th September at 8.55am. ***

Oak (Year 6 - Mrs Collyer)

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Humphrey says "Hello".
Humphrey says "Hello".

If you are returning to school on Monday 22 June and are feeling anxious about what to do and where to go, have a look at these two videos starring Mrs Collyer!

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Going to your bubble (classroom).mp4 

Summer Term Home Learning

white rose maths 9-7-20

 Lesson 1 - Solve two-step equations 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Find pairs of values (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Convert metric measures 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Miles and kilometres 2019.pdfDownload
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Extreme Earth Art

 Extreme Earth Art Plan1.pdfDownload
 Extreme Earth Art Slide1.pdfDownload
 Extreme Earth Art Work1.pdfDownload
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white rose maths 29-6-20

 Lesson 1 - Find a rule - two step 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Answers - Find a rule - two step 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Forming expressions 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Forming expressions 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Substitution 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Answers - Substitution 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Solve simple one-step equations 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Answers - Solve simple one-step equations 2019.pdfDownload
 video links.pdfDownload
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