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Governing Body of Simmondley Primary school


The Governing body of Simmondley Primary School have overall and legal responsibility for the school including the school performance and for setting its policies.  The Governors power and authority is given to them by the Local Authority in a document called the "Instrument of Government".  The Governors are the ultimate school authority and a formal complaint or grievance will be escalated to the Governors in the event that the Headteacher is unable to resolve the situation.  The many aspects of the day-to-day management of the school are delegated to the Headteacher, although Governors involve themselves as much as possible.

The Governors work through the Strategic, Resources, and Teaching and Learning committees.  The Governing Body as a whole meets at least once each term.  Dates of meetings and links to the archive of minutes of part 1 of our formal full Governing Body meetings are near the end of this page.

Governors can be contacted via the School Office.  The Chair of Governors has a dedicated email address and should you need to get in contact the school office will assist you in providing the information.

Simmondley Primary school Governing body consists of 12 governors.  There are 5 types of governor:

Governing Board Membership 2021-2022


The normal term of office for a school governor is 4 years

Governor Attendance Records 2019-2021.pdf

Governor Attendance Records 2019-2021_Dec2020

Governor Attendance Records 2019-2022

Governor Attendance Records 2017-2019