At Simmondley Primary School we are committed to ensuring our children have a broad and balanced curriculum. Our work with Ignite TSA has led us to developing a 'Three Layered Curriculum' including opportunities for our children to learn about British Values, Diversity,  Social Justice and Conservation. The Three Layered Curriculum includes;


Layer 1- The National Curriculum which defines the programmes of study for key subjects in maintained state primary and secondary schools in England. Fundamentally, it sets out what your child is supposed to learn and when; The curriculum, covers English and Maths but also encompasses other subjects too including Science, History, Geography, Music, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Physical Education ( PE), Modern Foreign Language (MFL) and Religious Education (RE.)

Layer 2 – We have also thought about our distinctiveness here at Simmondley in line with our core framework and values and considered what else we want our children to learn. For example; playing a musical instrument, performing in a play, accessing The Arts, developing children as leaders.

Layer 3- Which we see as 'The Icing on the Cake' where we are looking to develop partnerships with other organisations that our children can become involved in. For example; Mountain Rescue, Chester Zoo.

Our work with Ignite TSA is leading us to developing a curriculum that that creates ‘botheredness, investment, passion and curiosity in our children about their learning.


Religious Education

At Simmondley Primary School we follow the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Key Stage 1

KS1 Phonics and the Teaching of Reading

We aim to promote a love of reading and each class has an inviting Reading Corner which children are able to access at different points within the day. Systematic, synthetic phonics is taught daily and children work in Phase Groups to address their individual needs and accelerate progress. Phonics is taught through Letters and Sounds using Jolly Phonics and Phonics Play and a variety of other resources and multi-sensory teaching styles, such as collaborative learning and interactive games.

Reading begins in the Foundation Stage where children begin blending and segmenting phonemes and learning high frequency words. A variety of reading books and resources are used ,such as Sound Start, Phonics Bugs and Oxford Reading Tree. Reading strategies and skills are taught daily and children read individually with their teachers at least once a week although additional reading is provided for children who are identified on our Provision Map.

Guided Reading activities take place daily throughout Key Stage One. Children are taught in small same ability groups and are taught all aspects of reading to enhance their knowledge and understanding of many different genres, such as poetry, fiction, non fiction and plays.

Curriculum Maps

Please see the links below to see what our children are learning.  More details about the subjects being taught can be found in our Class Newsletters.

Curriculum Map (R-Y2) 2021-2022.pdf

Curriculum Map Year 3 2021-2022.pdf

Curriculum Map Year 4 2021-2022.pdf

Curriculum Map Years 5 & 6 2021-2022.pdf